Lobby & Business center (24H)

Comfortable business, leisure spaces as well as a dedicated luxury space for greeting your visitors are provided. Water and tea are offered for free.


A variety of tasty Chinese and western meal options are changed on a daily basis for our guests to enjoy a wonderful morning with nutrition and energy refilled. Have a lovely dining moment in this amazing dining space.

Sweat Factory

The leisure and entertaining facilities provided at our hotel include 50” LED TV; fitness equipment of famous brand FUJI such as fitness electronic treadmill, trainer bike, fat cell broken machine, bouncing bed, Beauty Chair, ICON elliptical trainer and more. Sweat Factory (the gym) is situated on the 3F. Guests who stay overnight at our hotel can have free access to the gym during their stay.
Open: 7:00am~22:00pm

Conference room

Our Conference Room is situated on the 3F in which a space for 15 persons to held a small meeting or seminar is available for Business Suite guests and free of charge. Devices such as white boards, projector and laptops along with tea, coffee and refreshments are provided. Please make a reservation at our reception desk in advance. *Alternative tariff for meeting room rental: A) 4-hour rental-NT$350 per person. Open: 08:00~22:00(Please book in advance.) Laptop, projector, tea, coffee and refreshments are provided. B) Venue Fee:NT$:4000/4H open: 08:00~22:00(Please book in advance.) Laptop, projector and water & tea are included.
You will be charged NT$800 for every one extra hour of use.
* Alternative rental for the space of front of the restaurant: NT$ 8,000 (4H) open: 14:00pm ~22:00pm Dining utensils, tea and ice cubes are provided for free (service staff is excluded).

Vanessa Beauty Salon

A professional SPA service at our hotel is provided by Vanessa Beauty Salon. Guests of our hotel can either visit the spa center situated on the 3F in person; or ask a SPA specialist to serve you in your own room (24hr. available).

Vip Social Hall

Rent Service:Singing 3 hours 8 people NT$2400

Other Service

24H information and referral services/ Breakfast service/ Conference room booking/ Messaging/ package delivering service/ Taxi and limousine services/ Massage/ Bike rent

Japanese Cuisine

Free Parking

Basement A.B plane parking space

Connection Service

Connection service, Fengjia Night Market (on-site reservation) and high-speed rail (advance reservation) free connection, airport connection (early reservation, NT$300)